Accountable and Open Government

Campaign Finance

True public funding is the best way to have politicians work for us, not for corporations and the wealthy.

Corporations and the wealthy have too much power in our elections. Elected officials spend too much time fundraising, constantly on the phone with potential donors, when they could and should be spending time serving their constituents. 

What We’ve Accomplished

In 2019, we passed a bill creating a commission to help establish public matching in State election campaigns. The Commission was supposed to create a framework that would allow us to create true public matching in New York. Unfortunately, the commission did not create a workable framework and we must go back to the drawing board. 

Where We Need to Go 

Due to the Supreme Court’s rulings in Citizens United and other cases, we cannot restrict the amount of money that is spent by corporations, but we can publicly fund candidates so they can stand up to monied interests. We need to pass true public funding of elections like New York City has done in its elections, with eight-to-one matching funds, so that candidates and elected officials can get back to the business of representing New York. And we must do so while maintaining fusion voting, and protect third parties from the Governor’s efforts to destroy them. 

All of Us

We cannot win the fight for a better New York without you. Join us and we can create a better, more just future.

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