Creating a Better Future


Albany must fully fund an equitable education system to deliver a better future for New York.

All of our children must be fully prepared for the world they will enter after graduation. We need to modernize curricula and give public schools the resources they need to create the best learning environment.

What We’ve Accomplished

In this year’s budget, we created incredible change. We finally provided a $1.4 billion increase in Foundation Aid and a three-year Foundation Aid phase-in that will finally fulfill the State’s commitments under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity. We created a $105 million expansion of funding for full-day prekindergarten, providing pre-K funding to 210 districts who don’t currently receive state-funded full-day Pre-K. We prevented tuition increases at SUNY and CUNY by putting in place a three-year freeze on the current tuition increase plans. We restored $72 million in aid to SUNY and CUNY and $35 million in Bundy Aid to support the State’s private independent colleges and universities.

Where We Need to Go

We must improve access to special education to ensure that every child in New York receives an appropriate education. We also must end the school-to-prison pipeline by employing restorative justice techniques in schools. And we must ensure that all children have access to early childhood education.

All of Us

We cannot win the fight for a better New York without you. Join us and we can create a better, more just future.

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