Accountable and Open Government

Ethics and Impeachment

No matter the party, there is no room for business as usual.

This year, I called for the Governor to resign, and if he would not resign, for the Assembly to begin impeachment proceedings. I did so because of his unethical behavior and abuse of power. He sexually harassed women who worked for him and used the power of the government to cover it up. He abused his power when he and his staff doctored the number of people who had died in nursing homes. The Governor is not alone in Albany. Our State government is often used to help those connected to others in the Government, rather than to help the people of New York. That has to end.

What We’ve Accomplished

The Ethics Committee holds hearings now. When I arrived in Albany in 2019, the Ethics Committee did not do anything, indicative of the fact that the old rules need to go. Since I became Chair of the Ethics committee, we have held hearings on sexual harassment and conflicts of interest, after these issues had been ignored for decades, and we moved ethics bills to the floor.

Where We Need to Go

Albany desperately needs more sunlight. We need to ensure that the Executive is required to maintain records, respond to Freedom of Information Law requests in a timely manner, and be free of conflicts. The revolving door between lobbyists and consultancies must end. And we must give the State an ethics panel with teeth. The fight for good government in Albany is only just beginning. 

All of Us

We cannot win the fight for a better New York without you. Join us and we can create a better, more just future.

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