Safety and Justice

Gun Safety

We can end the scourge of gun violence in our State.

The scourge of gun violence affects all New Yorkers, and the devastation falls particularly hard on Black and Brown New Yorkers. We must strive to make New York safe from gun violence, while not repeating the mistakes of our overly-punitive past. We need to get guns off the street and invest in violence interruption. 

What We’ve Accomplished

We passed a suite of legislation that will make New York safer. We created Extreme Risk Protection Orders, which prohibit high-risk individuals from purchasing or possessing firearms; we banned the possession and manufacture of bump stocks; we established state standards for municipal gun buyback programs; we passed legislation to help keep guns out of classrooms; and we closed the “Charleston Loophole” to prevent gun purchases from going forward by default when the National Instant Criminal Background Check is still pending. 

Where We Need to Go 

While we have some of the strongest gun regulations in the nation, gun manufacturers still evade our laws and they must be strengthened, by eliminating “ghost guns.” We also must make our domestic violence laws match the Federal requirements for domestic violence so that those who commit intimate partner violence cannot pass background checks. We must pass legislation that prevents people from building their own semi-automatic weapons at home. And we must do more to stop gun violence with community anti-violence programs such as violence interrupters that desperately need more financing. 

All of Us

We cannot win the fight for a better New York without you. Join us and we can create a better, more just future.

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