Creating a Better Future


Our infrastructure is crumbling and costs too much to build.

Improving our public transportation and building out green auto infrastructure is vital to a green future and a vibrant economy. New York City Transit, the Metro North, the Long Island Rail Road, and the PATH are fundamental parts of our lives and our economy. We must expand public transportation and ensure that our existing infrastructure is maintained. We also must bring costs of construction down so that every dollar we spend helps more people. 

What We’ve Accomplished

We legalized e-bikes in New York, making a safe, green, and affordable form of transportation available to all. We will finally implement congestion pricing in New York City this year, which will fund dedicated revenue for the MTA. 

Where We Need to Go 

We need to expand the Complete Streets Program so that our transit infrastructure is integrated, connected, and safe. We must create new revenue sources for the MTA, while bringing infrastructure costs down to expand the New York City subway throughout the five boroughs. The State must help New York City’s bus system become a modern, integrated bus system with dedicated lanes and signal priority. We must subsidize MTA transit options for low income New Yorkers throughout the state. And accessibility on the MTA desperately needs to be improved, and faster than under the current plan, so that all New Yorkers, including the over 1 million disabled in the New York City area, can use the MTA. 

All of Us

We cannot win the fight for a better New York without you. Join us and we can create a better, more just future.

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