Alessandra for Congress

New York needs a new generation of fresh and fearless voices in Congress. Together, we can transform our government and economy to ensure an equitable future for all of us. Add your name:
Photo of Alessandra Biaggi

Alessandra Biaggi is a two-term Democratic State Senator and a proven winner. In 2018, she took on one of New York’s most powerful and harmful politicians and won her first State Senate campaign, ushering in a wave of progressive legislation and making 2019 the most prolific legislative session in modern history. Alessandra has been creating a better New York ever since, and she’s ready to bring her fighting spirit to Washington.

A Relentless Fighter

Alessandra is unrelenting in the fight to make government work for the people it’s meant to serve. She is unwavering in her loyalty to the people she represents, not to political parties or power structures. She routinely speaks out against even the most powerful people when they are out of line.

A proud New York Democrat and proven winner, Alessandra knows exactly what it takes to build political power and get things done to improve the lives of New Yorkers.

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Congress needs fresh leadership and real vision to build a future that we need. Join us and together we can create a more just, more resilient, more prosperous America.